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So I was asked by a friend recently what to do when you get hungry on the go in Japan and don’t have enough time for a sit down meal.  With a little preparation, the sky’s the limit, but otherwise it tends to be slim pickin’s here in the land of rice and noodles.  Go […]

As some of you know, the diet that I wholeheartedly espouse and plan to follow for the rest of my life is the paleo diet.  It just makes sense on so many levels.  Normalized hormone regulation, easy weight loss/maintenance, prevention of modern diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, more food production sustainability (compared with the […]

The proof’s in the pudding… err… steak?

Posted: December 31, 2011 by tokyojarrett in My World
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Eating fat makes you fat, right?  Eh ehh, here are some recent pics of yours truly to show that statement is way off.  What about heart disease?  I’ve been low-carb for 3 years and my blood tests show that I’m one healthy dude, so take the whole “eating fat and cholesterol causes heart disease” nonsense […]

An 18 minute video everyone should watch

Posted: December 31, 2011 by tokyojarrett in Get Healthy
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I often enjoy the links to various sites that Mark provides every Monday at  One video on there was especially good and I thought it was worth re-posting here.  It’s a TED talk given by a doctor who developed multiple sclerosis in her adult years.  After analyzing her own disease and making big changes […]


Posted: December 27, 2011 by tokyojarrett in Get Healthy, Go Shopping
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So I decided the topic of the first post on nutrition to be none other than… MEAT!! There is no low-carbing without meat, so I thought this would make a fitting first post on nutrition. I know what you’re saying… Isn’t this stuff fatty and artery clogging? Fatty, yes, which is a good thing!  After […]

(日本語はこちらへどうぞ) Let’s get Primal Tokyo!  Hell yeah!  Let’s all…  what was that again?  Alright, so maybe you haven’t heard of the primal lifestyle, which is based on the book The Primal Blueprint written by author Mark Sisson.  It’s very similar to the Caveman/Paleo Diet and the gist is that modern humans aren’t as healthy or […]